Handmade: Kettle Chips

It’s always great when you get surprised by a brand and, but usually not so much, the agency.

You don’t have to be artistically inclined to enjoy Kettle Chips latest offering. They have released a campaign with 101 which backs up the case that distinctive advertising needn’t be confined to the obvious sectors.

What 101 have come up with is genuinely creative. They commissioned a traditional signwriter to hand-paint each of the print executions in the campaign, and the film spot is about him and his work. So clever and insightful to have this chaps authentic work, honed over his entire career, reflect exactly the pain and glory Kettle have gone through in developing the ‘hand-made by KETTLE’ experience. It makes it real, makes it true and gives it character.

Pure originality seeps through the film spot. Yes it is abstract. But in a market which is becoming saturated with ‘hand crafted’ crisps you have to do something to shake things up (excuse the pun). Soon, we won’t be surprised if you get ‘low fat, baked not fried, hand crafted in darkness Cheetos’… and immediately we will go out and get a pack, but that’s not so much the point. The idea here was to really differentiate; really tell the audience Kettle are different and in a different way.

The TV ad is great not because it offers something you can’t be without, but because of the way it subtly tells the audience of the message. The message and idea are easy to understand – tell the market that Kettle is a hand crafted bag of chips. But the way it has been executed amplifies it to just the right volume.

We really hope this work goes on to get spoken about at length; not just for creativity for how effective it was.


Agency: 101, London


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