BETC; Feed Their Personalities

After last year’s epic spot from the Paris outfit of BETC using a diva-inspired, control-freak bear as a Hollywood director for French cable channel, Canal+, we have always wondered when the London contingent of this shop would raise the stakes?

Just as a reminder of that genius…

Now this is no follow up to that, but it is certainly worthy in terms of creative and strategic thinking.

The client – Cow & Gate. The product – Baby food. Interested? Thought not.

But there is a word for an ad like this, and that word is endearing. It doesn’t proceed to tell you all kinds of truths about the Omega levels in their porridge (masked as roast dinner flavoured gourmet baby food). There’s no real product content information at all. Instead you get introduced to a band. Or more specifically, a band of babies exploring a recording studio. Interested? Thought so.

Ogilvy said, ‘great brands tell great stories’, and this is great story telling. Even ignoring the candidly framed shoot, how well crafted it is, this is a full bodied story mums (likely 90% of the intended audience) can attach themselves to; just completely enjoyable. The brand’s business is feeding babies, and this ‘feeds their personalities’.

It’s brave and involves a brave client. But what else was there to do in this category – unless they took a Wieden+Kennedy-Cravendale approach and had a collective of ninja-like babies attempting a stealth mission to acquire more baby food from the cupboards…?

What we love is the first time you see the brands identity is at the end. Such a simple link and lovingly executed. The beauty of it is it ties it all together and  gives it real credibility. And all the better, because at this point you are thinking, ‘what on Earth am I watching?!’. You just would have loved to of been the planner on this work; observing a non-coherent pseudo-babies rock band.

You don’t need to be a ‘baby fan’ to enjoy this. This one is just a smart and on message piece of advertising that you can take the time to savour. BETC described it as category defining. We absolutely agree.

Baby Food or French satellite TV – we are undecided. You?


Agency: BETC London


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