Things that connect people… Facebook

The things that connect us? We can think of some relevant ‘things’, but in terms of drilling down to perhaps the most mundane ‘object’ we all use, a chair isn’t a bad shout. Wieden + Kennedy seem to have got it spot on with their new ad for facebook which honours the everyday things that people use to connect – there’s more than just chairs… as you can see:

You can imagine the meetings between w+k and Facebook reps – ‘how do you come up with something to captivate an already captivated audience?’. It’s a difficult one, but there are a few things you need to remember with this ad…

Firstly, it is not an ad, well not an ad for TV anyway; it is a brand video to be promoted across its own ad products, and to be shamelessly plugged on the login page for example. And secondly, we have nothing with which to compare what the Facebook brand really stands for in terms of advertising. What do they even want to tell their audience about it which people don’t already know?

Given all the talk these last few months of the connection between ‘facebook’ and ‘advertising’, it is logical to think they have done a fair amount in this field, but this is actually their first push into the arena, so we have no base for which to address whether this is a comfortable approach for Facebook. But for sure, it is an irrefutably subtle and timeless message which w+k drills home. It draws simple comparisons in a visual and hard hitting way. Its thoughtful and so effective.

Now in terms of the target market for this, you really do have to sit back and take it in. In the past few weeks, facebook reached a billion, yes a billion, users that’s 1 in 7 humans and its growing! To quote the ‘k’ in the w+k powerhouse, David Kennedy, as saying, ‘Great brands don’t talk about themselves, they talk about what they really love.’ Following this as a statement rather than a quote and apply it to facebook; they completed changed what it meant to ‘be social, to share, to connect’. Quite literally and such a monumental change if you really think about it. So w+k’s approach was to formulate a proposition; plant a point of view. The ad is not there to sell. It is there to position, and it does that so incredibly well!

It doesn’t need to be pure entertainment. Its visual; great narrative flourished throughout; it’s intelligent and makes a beautiful point about the product and that’s its appeal. The more and more we watch this, the more and more you appreciate its simplicity and are equally rewarded every time.

Such a carefully crafted message and quite a conceptualised piece, but the downside now is where do they go from this?

Whatever anyone thought, there was always going to be someone who didn’t like ruminations about chairs and goes on to examine the universe (with Facebook at the centre of it) > spoof ad 




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