Volvo: The Ballerina Stunt

We think the easiest thing to do would be to start with the question… ‘what on Earth would have happened if this stunt had gone wrong?!’ We can’t think of an apt analogy, so just insert any clip from a Quentin Tarantino movie and you will have an idea.

Advertising a truck must be fairly difficult, especially when you have to promote a specific benefit other than reliably and value, and in this instance it is almost like the brains of Volvo and Swedish agency Forsman & Bodenfors sat in room and toyed with the notion of whoever said it should be boring to market trucks is wrong!

Volvo were looking to emphasise the more abstract ‘trucking values’ such as precision and control. OK, so how? They sent a ballerina, walking across a rope between two trucks which is barreling towards two separate tunnels. In simple terms, if this stunt isn’t pulled off with the said values of precision and control the outcome would be incredibly gruesome.

The result truly is epic, this is James Bond + Mission Impossible + The Black Swan all in one… but with a greater element of realism! The stunt is immersive and suspenseful. It draws you in and keeps you guessing (even though at the back of your mind you know nothing too bad can actually happen).

Apart from the obvious thought of ‘this girl must be crazy’, this is genuinely bold and brilliant to tackle a category which we assume it was (before this) fair to say, dull.

So yes – bravo Volvo and bravo Forsman & Bodenfors, as this viral is definitely making a splash. With over 2millions views since it’s launch on 15th August the ad is drawing the attention it intended, and if you didn’t know that Volvo made precision trucks before, you certainly do now!





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