Hellmann’s mayonnaise: Recipe receipt

Now, we accept this campaign has been around for the past couple of months, but we have only just come across it, so it is new to us. Plus… we thought it was great.

This is Ogilvy Brazil at its very best (albeit we haven’t studied their other work, but this would be up there in the ‘one to shout about’ category at any agency). In very basic terms, Hellmann’s, via Ogilvy, have found a very clever way to show consumers how to get more out of their mayonnaise. Shoppers, who purchased the aforementioned Hellman’s, are sent home with custom-designed receipt recipes which clocked all the other items purchased and came up with a customised recipe combining several of the ingredients along with directions on how to prepare it.

If there is Hellmann’s in your cart there is a recipe on your receipt. Simple and superb! What is the one thing you do when shopping? Amalgamate a collection of individual items with the intent that together they will be great… but often have no idea how to get to this ‘great’ ideal (well, we don’t anyway). So who wouldn’t want some inspiration!!

This is a great example of innovative thinking, giving consumers real value whilst promoting something as basic as a jar of mayonnaise. It’s the closest thing mayonnaise can get to having a conversation with you and will change people’s perceptions of the product that it’s not only good for sandwiches! It is a simple yet direct media that allows the brand to create a direct conversation with their customer, given how personalised and on message it is.

However we do think they could have taken this further. Today’s evolving digital platforms could have propelled the message, given an enhanced user experience and greater consumer engagement where customers could share recipes or to go forth and create their own recipe’s. Who knows. Either way, the idea and execution are brilliant and a nice bit of film work to compliment with its playful animations. Within the first month of the campaign alone, sales increasing 44 per cent, so what do we know!

Ogilvy have successfully proven Hellman’s are in fact much more than ground egg sauce and have almost turned the brand into a service in doing so. The cash receipt has been changed forever!!





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