Meet the Superhumans

Now we don’t know about you but we’ve definitely caught Olympic fever. Ever since the spectacular Opening Ceremony on Friday we’ve been engrossed by the games and with 2 medals already under the Team GB belt we can’t wait to watch the rest.

Of course with all the hype and excitement that comes with Olympic fever comes the Adverts. We reviewed P&G mums, from W+K, a while ago and although this is still undoubtedly one of our favourite ads from the Games we recently saw a spot which definitely rivals it.

‘Meet the Superhumans’, an in-house production –and the biggest ever marketing campaign – from Channel 4’s agency Creative4, is brilliant. This mind-blowing spot promotes the Paralympic games in style.

This hard hitting, adrenalin pumping 90 second ad embraces the athlete’s disabilities directly, putting you in awe of their determination and gritty tenacity. Yet you are also hit but the harsh circumstances that changed their lives in a split second, giving you an insight into how these characters came to be. You get to see these athletes push themselves to their limits further reinforcing their rightful title: Superhuman.

The direction this spot takes is a brave one, and as a viewer you very quickly move away from taking pity on these athletes to taking pity on the opponents who they come up against. This is the sign of truly great work which encapsulates you from go!

The straplines throughout are just as hard hitting and great supporting lines, ‘Forget everything you thought you knew about strengthForget everything you thought you knew about humans‘. In 90second you come to understand these athletes motivation and you want to support them.

Bring on the Paralympic games.





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