How to look your best the morning after

It is a harsh reality that 1 in 4 women are affected by domestic abuse, and even harsher that 65% of women who do suffer keep it hidden. The simple answer is: people need to speak up about domestic violence so it can be prevented.

BBH London enlisted the help of highly renowned beauty blogger Lauren Luke, to help raise awareness of Refuge, a national charity for victims of domestic violence. With nearly half a million followers and over 100m views on her YouTube channel, Luke is clearly an expert at covering things up and the perfect spokeswoman for such a campaign.

The video, titled, “How to look your best the morning after” features a unique kind of cosmetic technique – the art of covering up the black eye; an art no-one should be skilled in (unless a rugby player on your wedding day!).

Rolled out as a ‘normal’ tutorial entry you don’t quite realise that Luke is playing the role of victim, and are instantly shocked by her bruising. The clip is chilling yet is exacerbated through the personable demeanour Luke maintains as she offers an instructional guide to effortlessly covering up. The result? Raw emotional power and the sad reality of domestic violence.

Beyond the big hitting and unnerving stats, this spot from BBH is brilliantly executed and perfectly delivered to the target audience. It’s subtle but undoubtedly powerful.

The injuries are fake, but the message is very real #dontcoverup

Massive news for BBH this week with Publicis gaining a majority share, but they are still showing they know how to move mountains with smart insightful work. This place really is a production lab for outstanding content!



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