The Speed of Yellow…

How do DHL, perceived by the people as a postal company, but primarily a prominent logistics organisation, go about making delivery ‘cool’? How do they stimulate people to get on board with what they do? How do they make people understand?

Well, their focus in these spots emphasises World class delivery expertise in a more abstract way; by depicting the power of trust. That is the trust others put in them to deliver their products. ‘The others’ in this case: Manchester United and Formula 1™. Two of the most well known and renowned brands on the globe.

With all the extra horsepower under their bonnet gained from last year’s ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’ spots, they had to do something good, and importantly, different to keep the momentum going. The previous campaign put them on the map – ‘This is what we do – we deliver stuff’. And we’re good at it. This time, the ads say ‘we are so good at this, the biggest sports team in the World agree’.

This is not just a celebration of sponsorships but a demonstration of partnerships between truly global brands. With a great tagline ‘that’s the speed of yellow’, this campaign places a focus on the strength of these collaborations and the trust others put in their ability to deliver.

This is a flawless example of perfectly executed branding through advertising. As consumers are faced with an increasing choice of alternatives, they are relying on, trusting and acting on brand to make a decision. So how do you make your brand stand out? The DHL brand relies on speed, efficiency and excellence which are all perfectly depicted in a way which plays into people’s imaginations through partnerships everyone can relate to.

Excellent repeat work for 180 Amsterdam, we loved the Man Utd one; not as big a fans of the Formula 1™ spot running alongside it, but still, it does what it is meaning to do.



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