Meet Phil Pace

After the fantastic interview with Droga5 head honcho, David Droga, we have been waiting for something from them to pop up… So here it is. A truly remarkable approach to advertise toilet cleaner.

This comes from Droga5 Sydney, as they launch ‘Meet Phil Pace’ for Unilever; a short film introducing Phil Pace, a contender for the Mr. Australia bodybuilder title (not a gimmick – he really is), as the back drop for Domestos’ new toilet cleaner.

The film profiles a typical day in the life for Phil made like a mini documentary, and is narrated by his fiance. He wakes at 5. He works full time. He gyms in his spare time. He tans. He eats. That’s it. Oh, but he eats A LOT! (20kg of chicken a week and 36 eggs daily). Now for all of this going in, it has to come out in some form. The ad shows you how and the product shows you how to get rid of it.

So let’s think about this. As a brand manager, where do you go with a toilet cleaner? It is a chemical which gets rid of shit (literally and metaphorically).

As Oglivy said, ‘great brands tell great stories’, and this is story telling done impeccably. As we let this one digest, we thought the idea of advertising is to engage our attention and deliver a product truth. This does just that – the documentary piece is really engaging, it gets the proposition across in an entertaining way and is a great example of how to approach a category differently. It’s simple. It’s provocative. It’s certainly memorable. The punchline is outrageous. Its great advertising.

This also pays credence to the notion that clients can in fact be brave with their advertising. Unilever have taken a chance here as this is so out there. We must also note that although Domestos is a well known brand in Australia, it is primarily known as an industrial cleaner, and this is the first time it has been launched specifically as a toilet cleaner.

Regardless of the above, we can imagine the dismissive opinions surrounding this already. Is it sexist? Yes; woman in house wife mode (and this is arguably their core audience – so there is a question over whether they will ‘get it’?) It probably wouldn’t wash in the UK. But the thing for us that made it catch our eye is that not in a million years when you first watch this would you think it is an ad for Domestos toilet cleaner!! And because of this, the unexpected, the ad is great.

Summary: if your partner shits like a polar bear you need Domestos.



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