Carlsberg Fan Academy

‘If Carlsberg did Fan Academies… they would probably best the best fan academies in the World.’ Well, on this evidence – yes!

As a key sponsor for both England and the Euros this summer, Carlsberg had to come out with something good, and with Fold7, they have pushed out this light-hearted spot showing England fans put through their paces by a plethora of celebs at the ‘Fan Academy’ to truly celebrate being an England fan (it doesn’t quite capture the heartache we also tend to endure… maybe an idea for the follow up come Aug?).

In the line-up, we have England legends Bobby Charlton and Stuart Pearce, Linford Christie sharing toilet habits and Ray Mears honing fans survival skills… all wonderfully orchestrated by old school Match of The Day’er, Des Lynam.

It all adds up and is delivered in a characteristically Carlsberg way, retaining that quintessentially English sense of humour, plus and a little dig back at the Argentinian’s, England football Rivals. Anyone remember the controversial Olympic Falklands promo from Y&R Argentina last month with footage of their Olympic hopeful working out on a British war memorial ahead of London 2012, boasting, ‘To compete on English soil, we are training on Argentine soil.’ which the Argentine government ignored international criticism to carrying on screening it. Well now it’s our turn with a fleeting appearance of a Diego Maradonna lookalike scrubbing floors. The Argentinian’s have labeled the ad a ‘ridiculous response’, and we don’t want this to be misconstrued as overt confidence or biased, but we actually thought the Maradonna piece was a subtle touch and nicely executed.

Any football tournament is a rollercoaster of emotions; you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Now rregardless of the ad, we think people will be “giving it their all for England” this summer, but this may make people do it with a Carlsberg in hand as this ads sets us up for the ensuing headache/ glory in the summer ahead.

Excellent work from Fold7 who were appointed to take the reins on some iconic Saatchi & Saatchi work. As far as England ads go, this is one of the best we have seen…it is smart, it identifies with us English and involves people through an easy idea that they can get on board with. The ad gives a clear indication of what it takes to be great – you have to dig deep to find that extra 10 per cet! Top work.


2 comments on “Carlsberg Fan Academy

  1. Marzipan and Marmite
    May 17, 2012

    I think it appeals to the non-footie fan too just through the humour. A really nice take on being a England supporter and the idea of loyalty.

    • byFandG
      May 17, 2012

      Yes, the humour in this ad really rallies the troops and brings fans and non-fans together. A great example of the light hearted English humour. We did however expect ‘spud flogger extraordinaire’ Gary Lineker to be involved…

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