Santam Vs Nandos

What happens when two completely different agencies come together unexpectedly in what can only be described as a battle of creatives. Well it seems the answer is here.

This war started when Nandos mimicked, the insurance company, Santam’s TV advert.

The spot for Santam cleverly highlights how sometimes what is right in front of you is easily missed. It’s a great little ad and it made us want to watch it again, and then again just to check. With Ben Kingsley perfectly delivering the content this spot connects with you as it makes you think. It challenges and is unique especially for an Insurance company.

Nandos it seems, sometimes known for their risque advertising (–vdxh4), saw the Santam ad and decided to capitalise on this by interpreting it in their own way. Their tongue in cheek rendition of the ad is funny and a great way to get some publicity.

What we like best however is Santam’s response. You wouldn’t expect an insurance company to get involved in such jovial rivalry. But they did, challenging Nando’s to deliver a significantly large amount of food to a Johannesburg Children’s Hospital, obviously expecting the large chain to back down.

But oh no, they rose to the challenge and put their chicken where their mouths are. In fact, not only did they come through on Santam’s order but decided to deliver the order to the children’s home every Friday for a year. Wow. Obviously nothing like a bit of free publicity to make you commit to a deal.

There has been no further response from Santam’s but from the initial delivery, which was a nice little ad in itself, the rivalry and friendly battle has surely been more successful than each brand could have imagined. The creatives have done a great job here and is a good example of how co-operative branding can work. Santam took honourably to the spoof by Nandos and proposed a fun challenge in return. Both brands have created some real personality through this rarely used form of marketing which in this case is greatly successful.



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