The hardest job in the World…

You know you’ve just watched a good ad when you feeling like crying after two short minutes. And that’s exactly what W+K Portland have succeeded in doing with this new ad for Proctor and Gamble.

It plays on your emotions and will undoubtedly pull on the heart strings of any supporting parent.

With the Olympics ever on the horizon you’re probably thinking there’s no harder job than being an Olympian! But W+K have definitely changed our view on that.

We like this ad because there’s no hard sell. We’re celebrating parents, specifically mums, who help and support the children to become the Olympians they are today. Mums use these products by P&G and it’s the mums their Thanking!

Highly emotional, this ad brings P&G to the forefront when they have previously just been the company behind their most famous brands.

As viewers now a days we expect more. We expect our emotions to be played with and we expect engagement with brands. We don’t just wanted to be accosted with the sales pitch which is why this ad is great. It caught out attention by connecting with our emotions and connects with us in a way that is no longer so obvious. It engages with mums and the things their passionate about… their children!

W+K have cleverly represented P&G as a social brand; one which seems to understand it’s new and very direct relationship with it’s customers. They have perfectly understood and taken on board the “cultural movement” advertising seems to be going through and what we are constantly reading about at the moment (via @Scott Goodson | Strawberry Frog).

We definitely don’t miss the hard sell. And we ourselves have realised, out of all the ads we review the one’s we like the best are the one’s we connect with the most, the one’s that have tapped into our emotions.

This ad could have gone even further by creating something more viral, something that spread the word more, encouraging mums maybe to share their stories. We know mums like nothing more than telling the success stories of their spouse. But it’s still great. Hats off W+K Portland….



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