Hennessy: Wild Rabbit


Well first, it’s only right to set the tone with a statement… We are not Hennessy drinkers. There. Done. So, what do we have here? Well in fact we have a very powerful piece from the drinks brand.

Boxing champ Manny Pacquiao takes up the role as the face of the ad which forms part of Hennessy’s ‘What’s Your Wild Rabbit?’ campaign. This spot aims to identify the Hennessy brand with the pursuit of success.

You may be wondering, what on earth is a ‘Wild Rabbit’? So were we. Essentially, a person’s ‘Wild Rabbit’ is what motivates them, what’s drives them to chase their dreams, what pushes them from one success to the next. Now, Hennessy’s particular ‘White Rabbit’ is one thing, and Manny Pacquiao’s is another completely… but both clearly share the same common theme: to strive ever closer for perfection.

The ad charts Pac’s life, emphasising his rags-to-riches journey from humble beginnings in the Philippines to success at the very top. But thoughts on that aside, what does this signify? It signifies his constant pursuit of success.

There is a really interesting quote by Keith Richards which goes, ‘there are some people looking to play the guitar. There are others looking for a sound.’ This is the latter. It is targeting those with a purpose. And this is why it is a great ad – it has real meaning and so much going right for it. It is done with sincerity. It penetrates with a belief which you can easily believe. You can tell Hennessy believe it and that Droga5 believe it. And that’s why it works…



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