Samsonite: By Your Side

Well after watching this, we started thinking… ‘So if Samsonite and Apple got together and combined Suri with a suitcase…?’ No, actually, that’s just outrageous.

Back to more pertinent things though, this ad does possibly inspire that sort of thinking; making you think a suitcase (actually, a Samsonite suitcase to be specific) is a companion rather than an aid to travel or an accessory, and a very reliable one at that.

This is being launched as part of a new strategy rotating around a new and fresh tagline: ‘Samsonite: By Your Side’. So, in order to communicate this precisely and stylishly… up step Saatchi and Saatchi Brussels.

The result, having the product in more of a supporting role to a light hearted story line which people can relate to. It doesn’t take any gloss away from product or brand; it is just plain and honest. It perfectly highlights the products unique features and benefits alongside the story.

Let’s look at the facts, Samsonite are just a luggage company. They will not make you have a better holiday or trip. But they can aid it not to be ruined by caring for your memories and the things that matter to you in a nice durable and reliable way. And by being just that, become a partner to your travels.

The ad shows this by following travellers on their journeys, seen through the eyes of their luggage and building on the emotions of coming home especially. It nicely illustrates the durability of the Samsonite suitcase showing it getting dragged around but not breaking nor folding. See where this is going? The ad all of a sudden has character! Typical Saatchi fashion thinking outside of the box. Great stuff.

Everyone loves coming home and you happen to have to have luggage with you – so why not a swanky Samsonite bag which fits all of your stuff in. Bonus.




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