Starbucks, free coffee? Yes, really!

As we watched this ad for the first time we were thinking, ‘woah, Starbucks must have a lot of spare cash’, to fund an advert just to tell you they are going to start writing your name on the side of your cup but just as you are thinking that, the ads picks up some pace.

An AMV BBDO creation, pushed out last night during Channel 4’s ‘Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ to an estimated audience of six million; this is an ad with a lot to offer. The ad itself is in essence a very simple one, that being a voiceover and an impressive animation. But it is the content and statement contained within which provides the value.

There are a few notable constants with this company; one being, they fully represent capitalism and in doing so, have practically defined the world of coffee shops. Yet ironically enough, the world’s most famous coffee shop and place to go with your friends, has a lot of enemies. Well, all change is the intention with this statement.

The premise is Starbucks are trying to inspire their customers to introduce themselves so as they can call them by name, “Why don’t we buy you a coffee tomorrow and you can introduce yourself.”

This targets any coffee-drinking-audience-member, and doesn’t confine it to any specific demographic. It’s quite bold just to give away your product, but everyone knows a way to make people like you is by giving them free things. We wonder what’s next as this could be the start of an interesting campaign. However, whether people are going to make proper friends with Starbucks or are just going to arrive to get their free coffee is questionable?

“We’re Starbucks. Nice to meet you.” A good tag line and a compelling statement of intent.




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