Pluck the Rainbow

The Skittles ads are known for their obscurity and these new ads are no exception. These are the first three ads for Skittles by their newly signed agency, DDB and in comparison to the work of TBWA the previous agency, they are just as crazy.

The first ad is ‘The Mentor’ and although slightly weird and creepy it caught our attention and made us laugh with the catch phrase ‘Pluck the Rainbow’. The second of the three ads, ‘Crank the Rainbow’, equally as strange with a guy dispensing skittles from his stomach, did not disappoint. The third, although the weakest of the three in our opinion, was still entertaining with ‘Contract the Rainbow’.

All 3 ads leave you feeling baffled yet you find yourself expecting something like this from Skittles. And if you ask us as a Brand, they’ve done well in associating themselves with the abnormal. They’ve given themselves something, through these insane creative ads, a differentiating point from other confectionary. We’re not attributing this success to this specific trio of ads from DDB however they have kept up the brand perception with a strong first 3 ads maintaining the brand integrity as the craziest there is.

We can’t to see what they come up with next, we wonder if this will be something completely out of the blue or if they continue with one of these insane characters. The wackier the better as far as we’re concerned.



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