It’s a dogs life…

TV ads for dogs? Say that again? No, you read it right the first time around. This is a new dawn for the advertising world; dog’s are now considered an audience member!

Advertising is a market of people striving to be different to break the mould. DDB UK and Baker’s pet-food manufacturers have tried to do just that. They have tailored an ad to reach out to their end customers, the actual dogs. They created an ad featuring upper-range frequencies (of whistles and barks) only audible to a dog’s ears… or those with supersonic hearing. The thinking behind the ad is that it will provoke dogs into reacting to the ‘subliminal sounds’ and encourage owners to investigate further. Absolutely brilliant marketing sense.

The ad itself is a parody of The Italian Job. That being, a team of dogs hijacking a lorry of Bakers pet food. While fun and harmless, the ad is suspenseful with the dogs almost losing the van over a cliff. Although the ad is not particuarly special, or the kind of thing we’d normally review, we thought it was worth paying credence to the creative thought behind it. We can only surmise, but we hazard a guess that if Bakers’ sales do rise, we should expect to see an onslaught of new animal engagement marketing tricks.

It seems animals have become another outlet for targeted consumerism. Bakers will benefit from the exposure here nonetheless, but it won’t be out of the question to think there will be 3D glasses made specifically for dogs soon enough…



2 comments on “It’s a dogs life…

  1. sophialudlowgroup
    February 16, 2012

    I’d be interested to be around a dog when this played and see how they react. Either way though, animals are a big seller in the ad industry lately, so it’s a pretty good move no matter what.

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