$3.5million for 30 seconds…

So over this last week unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you would have been aware of the Super Bowl.

With the game pulling in viewing crowds of over-100 million*, it’s no surprise then that advertisers spend a fortune on ads during the game (an average $3.5 million for a 30 second slot). But with this outrageous (justified) price tag, they also come so highly anticipated. Because of this everyone steps up their game, or tries.

Firstly congratulations to the Giants for winning the thing.

It has been a week now since the game and the fall out of all the reviews. Well we held back and thought about it a bit longer and after much deliberation selected our three favourites which we felt were really ‘on cue’. So we’ve given them the F&G critique.

Our selected three are… Toyota; E*Trade and Danone.


Toyota Camry ‘Fantasy’

This ad from Saatchi & Saatchi LA could possibly be perceived as a let down in the traditional sense of the word of advertising as it didn’t really show the product. However, the Super Bowl is a different game and you should be ready to change the rules for it. We love advertising that is different, takes the traditional sense of the word further and keeps it fresh.

Toyota and Saatchi have done that. Over the top? Sure. To the point? Absolutely.

The ad does shows Toyota’s reliability in a subtle way; flaunting it’s reinvented Camry model against their ability to re-invent anything else.

The ad is just purely commentary but it appeals because it keeps changing things we have and use in everyday life into things that are more desirable. In the UK, we had the Carlsberg ‘Probably’ ads which caused quite a stir and gave the general public something to play with and adapt. We feel this has similar merits, as you find yourself thinking of things you’d ‘re-invent’.

In terms of the product, well all know a Toyota is a Toyota, they are reliable, safe but not necessarily cool. This ad tells you that but it also tries to tell you how its different. How its reinvented itself into something better.


E*Trade ‘Fatherhood’

E*Trade. Selling financial solutions. Boring to say the least. But you’ve got a slot during the Superbowl, so what do you do? You need to make it interesting and different. People are expecting something funny and away from the usual information heavy ads we normally see. Grey NY have succeed and done a great job here. This is funny, cute and quite clever.

Any father will tell you that when your little girl is born that feeling of being her provider and protector is overwhelming, this ad plays on this with father turning to his baby son for advice. It’s harmless but it works.

It’s short enough to keep you thinking but long enough to tell you what you need. If you’re not into finance, and who is, it doesn’t matter. You understand the ad, can relate to it and appreciate it’s comic value and the punch line at the end just seals the deal.


Danone Oikos Greek Yoghurt ‘The Tease’

Our final ad can be perfectly summarised in two words, ‘brilliantly unexpected’.

Poptent have taken their Superbowl slot and used it wonderfully. At first we thought this ad was playing it safe, a couple teasing each other with who gets to eat the desired Greek Yoghurt, which is definitely nothing new. And with only 30 seconds to make a memorable impression we thought this was going to fail.

However it takes a drastic and unexpected turn when the female gets so annoyed that she head butts the man getting in the way of her yoghurt. Brilliantly executed, this ad provokes great reactions and leaves the viewers laughing.



* Congrats to the organisers. This year the SuperBowl became the most watched US TV event ever with over 111 million viewers. That is one massive audience to captivate.


One comment on “$3.5million for 30 seconds…

  1. adpraisal
    February 12, 2012

    I completely agree with you on the Toyota ad – I like the whole attitude behind it.

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