Smart Thief…

At first when we watched this viral by Y&R Amsterdam for LG we had no idea what was going on. White noise, one man, seemingly irrational movements and CCTV. It didn’t quite add up, until the end…

A big thumbs up here to Y&R, this viral plays extremely well on the unique selling point of the product in an interesting and highly creative manner.

In a saturated market with a high volume of competitors LG and Y&R have done a great job of not just ‘making another product ad’.

This really catches your attention. Although it may be slightly long, it manages to keep your curiosity long enough to watch to the end. And the hook here, the big reveal, will definitely get a few laughs.

The only negative could be said to be the concept of stealing but we think everyone will appreciate that they have really hit the nail on the head with this viral. How many of you will be watching this again, we know we did…



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