Are you covered, or are you still not bothered?

When you think insurance, you think, jeeeeesus, ‘how long is this going to take?’, ‘Where can I find the cheapest quote?’ and often, ‘do I really need this?’. But, you must always be insured. Remember that.

So what do you want to see in an insurance ad? Well some people would prefer not see an insurance ad at all, especially as they’re usually either useless or annoying. Generally, it just reinstalls: HASSLE. But I suppose what you really want to know are the facts. Stripped down, no fuss, just facts.

This first campaign of the year from M&C Saatchi for Direct Line does just that. It takes the essence and tells you the one fact that might tip the tables and make you get home insurance with Direct Line. With a satirical take on a ‘typical couple’ the ad is light hearted. On the one hand it offers everything, Yet on the other, the ad doesn’t give much more than any of the other insurance ads out there. It’s still slightly annoying, we don’t want to watch it again and we might have even missed it the first time.

But does this matter? No. The message is clear and that’s the aim. At first we were split with our views on this ad but in the end we think M&C Saatchi have got the message across…after a little debate around insurance.



One comment on “Are you covered, or are you still not bothered?

  1. Joe
    January 9, 2012

    I wasn’t able to watch the commercial because I don’t have a Campaign Live account, and I couldn’t find it on YouTube yet, but I do agree insurance commercials just add to the hassle.

    I swear, they’re the worst commercials out there. The only reason they spend money on commercials is to promote awareness of their product.

    People need insurance. Creating awareness puts the company on the consumer’s list of companies to compare when checking prices. Yuck.

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