The Santa Spectrum

This week we’re fully embracing Christmas and wanted to mention two Christmas campaigns with very different intentions.

Apple jumping on the Christmas advertising bandwagon isn’t something you would have thought given the the product focused ads everyone is used to. But, as a one off, I (F) think this works just right.

So the new iPhone has been branded as a “personal assistant”… but what does that really mean it can do? Well, anything of course.

And to show this? Apple deliver a calculated ad to capture imaginations with an effective take on Santa’s Christmas Eve chores. I like it because it’s so stripped down, yet it’s got everything you need.

Now, although I (G) liked it, my first thought was its not so original… Anyone remember the Samsung ad where the bloke forgets his anniversary? I felt this leans on that idea.

In agreement sure, but this is really about the application and simplicity.’You have 3.7 million appointments’was Santa’s final reminder. Well, we think Applemay have just sold another 3.7 million units.

So on the one hand we have the more traditional take on how you advertise Santa with a 21st century twist, using Siri (a product in an almost secondary role) to help, yet on the other hand quite a different take on Mr Claus which we think definitely needs a mention. On this point we are united, Fold7, take a bow…

After’catvertising’, the proverbialagency-satire-bar was set high… so then the ante’s there to be broken. Using Santa, and applying it with a tongue-in-cheek concept, Fold7 doc-type short film really resonates.

This film from Fold7 takes the idea of Santa we know, and totally distorts it. Imagine Santa at work, as your boss?OK, so with that thought, you really need to watch it

It’s a great refreshing take on Christmas in comparison to the more traditional campaigns such as the Apple one.

But we really like this from Fold7. It definitely made us laugh and will easily go viral as it has that ‘replayability’ that many viral ads strive for. Genuis peice of work from an agency!


Merry Christmas. F&G.


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