Anything Can Fly

When we watched this ad from 101 agency the first thing we thought was, why is there a lawnmower flying across our screen and very elegantly too? Well… Airmiles of course.

This is a great ad, it’s abstract, is accompanied by a great backing track and has a clear tagline…’Anything can fly’. It doesn’t patronise, but after finding yourself thinking, ‘what on earth is this all about?’, you get it and you want it. It instantly gives that appeal that any points scheme does.

The ad features your standard household objects, flying through the air in order to emphasise how purchasing everyday objects through the Avios partners will help you travel.

There’s some great creative license here, with 101 agency cleverly promoting the rebranding of the Airmiles scheme to ‘Avios’. No, we don’t entirely understand the name either but it clearly elicits the meaning of aviation and even though we think Airmiles makes more sense, this ad may just be strong enough to change that thinking.

101 agency definitely gets the brand off the drawing board here although we did think that it wasn’t totally dissimilar to the Bravia ‘balls’ ad, but then maybe that’s to be expected from the new agency formed of Fallon refugees.

This ad, although great, doesn’t exactly strike us a a piece of genius but it does the job and has appeal and meaning. Is it a creative masterpiece? No. Does it push the boundaries? No. Does it inform and enlighten? Yes, I mean, we definitely want to start collecting Airmiles… sorry we mean Avios points!



One comment on “Anything Can Fly

  1. Joe
    November 30, 2011

    This ad is a perfect example of taking an abstract thing, air miles, and making it concrete so it’s easier for the consumer to want.

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