Time to create a masterpiece…

After looking at the latest ads to review today we came across just what you’d expect, anything and everything Christmas related, so when we found this from Cartier and the French brand AIR we were pleasantly surprised. Cartier, the highly regarded luxury Jeweller presents this short film, ‘painted love’.

Labelled, ‘How far would you go for Love’ this iconic brand really has created something which represents the exclusivity, individuality and passion behind their product. The film portrays a young painter looking around New York for his ‘Love’. Struggling to differentiate between life and his muse the artist in the short film brings to life a passionate love quest, the whole while of course wearing a glistening Cartier bracelet.

This film brings both art and digital media together by sharing this creative film through various digital platforms. Will it have wide appeal? No, but this is not necessarily what Cartier would want. An exclusive ad, for an exclusive audience. The underlying hope, you can only presume though, is that the viewers will be inspired by the film to think that their love is worth a Cartier.

Cartier really has defined itself as an extension of art with this collaboration and the film really advertises the universal symbol of commitment that their product and brand has become. This is not your traditional ad, more a mesmerising, artistic portrayal of a brand which prides itself on prestige.

Both fascinating and mesmerising, a brilliant piece of brand advertising.

Painted Love

How far would you go for Love?


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