Not the apple of the ASA’s eye…

There was a spike in competitiveness in the cider market over the summer months with: Stella branding their ‘cidre’, Press 81 launching their new premium cider, Bulmers introducing a whole range of new flavours and Jacques becoming a staple pub beverage. Therefore you’d have thought Kopparberg, the Swedish cider, who are viable competitors would have wanted to cement their place in the market with a strong ad especially now that the festival season is over.

The ASA have however banned their latest offering, ruling it as ‘irresponsible’ and ‘likely to appeal strongly to people under 18’.  Although you can still see the ad here

After watching the ad and reading the review in the Drum it instantly shouted out to us that the Skins-esque advert, a party with a secret location, will clearly appeal to the younger Facebook generation, where organised ‘mystery’ events like this are becoming the norm. The people in the ad definitely seem to be older than 18, however the concept, obviously an attempt to generate consumer participation, does seem to attract a younger audience. Lines like “FIND THE CROWD WHO THINK EVERY NIGHT IS FRIDAY NIGHT” further reinforce this. Although it could be said this reaches out to students, it emphasises the appeal to a younger audience.

With underage drinking what it is in the UK, we think the ASA may have made an astute choice this time. Although the ad itself is actually quite enticing, whether or not it would have got the following it wanted is debatable. It seems to be missing some crucial elements which would make consumers overly curious, for example, it’s nothing on the Smirnoff Secret Party’s which instilled curiosity and interest in consumers all over the world. It could be said that cider doesn’t appeal to the same audience as Smirnoff Vodka but the concept is essentially the same.

The underlying intention for this ad is evident but clearly the execution didn’t quite cut it…



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